My Marketing Plan

Our Goals:

1. To help you get your property sold.
2. Help you get where you want to go on time.
3. Maximize your “walking-away money.”
4. Make your transaction as smooth as possible.
5. Do a great job and have you as a lifelong client!

To Achieve these Goals, We Need to:

1. Increase your odds of selling.
2. Put you in the strongest negotiating position possible.
3. Reduce the risks of “transaction failure.”

10 Factor Success Formula:

1. Seller decisions – picking the right “trusted advisor team”
2. In depth market analysis
3. Condition of the property (wholesale/retail)
4. Price & terms (where in line?)
5. Marketing plan to maximize exposure to buyers/Realtors
6. Marketing budget
7. Execution of the marketing plan
8. Seller and property access plus “showability”
9. Negotiating position
10.Transaction management

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